Mens Chunky HipHop Bling Dookie Run DMC Rope Chain 14K Gold Plated

£ 35.00



Run DMC Dookie Rope chains are back! – Not the HUGE fat ones you used to see, slightly thinner for that classy, but big on bling look!

These are the chains all the rappers and R&B singers are wearing right now! Don’t be fooled by the other sites offering cheap quality chains these are quality – GUARENTEED!

We have sourced these Gold plated Dookie RUN DMC chains from a quality leading chain factory. These Gold plated RUN DMC chains are way different from any others you may find, as these have been made with a real thick layer of Gold which has been tested through the toughest of conditions.

Feel free to shop around – you probably won’t find them on the streets though!. These chains look so real no-one will know it’s not.

Chain specification;

  • Width: 16 mm
  • length: 36 inches
  • Style: RUN DMC Rope Chain
  • Material: Gold Plated
  • Clasp: G claw style
  • Weight: 150g


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